Common security mistakes are one of the main ways in which our security is compromised. There are many reasons why these mistakes happen, but the important thing is for people to become more informed about these errors. The articles here explain the details behind why some of these mistakes can result in serious consequences, and what we should do to prevent them from happening.

Assuming Antivirus Software Can Stop Viruses

Learn why assuming that your antivirus software can protect your computer is no longer a safe assumption.

Delaying Software Updates

Learn why it is so important not to delay updating software updates when informed that they are available.

Enabling Images in Email

Learn why enabled images in email can lead to the possibility of attackers learning important details about yourself and your computer.

Expecting Police or Banks to Protect Against Fraudsters

Learn why it is wrong to expect police or the banks to help if we are the victims of cyber-fraud, and the kind of habits that we should develop instead.

Ignoring Browser Warnings

Learn why it is so important not to ignore browser security warnings, and why they should be taken seriously.

Leaving Cameras Uncovered

Learn why leaving cameras uncovered can be a problem, and some of the things we can do to protect ourselves.

Reusing Passwords

Learn why it is a risk to reuse passwords across various accounts on the internet, and what alternatives to take instead.

Using a Router’s Default Network Name

Learn why leaving a router’s network name as the default entry is an important way in which attackers can breach your network.