The Parkerian hexad is a security model made up of six security attribute elements, originally proposed by Donn Parker in 1998. Although the CIA triad is the most well known security model, it is unable to cover all concerns that data owners may have with regard to security. The hexad contains three additional attributes in addition the three from the CIA triad. The six attributes are:

  • Confidentiality (the data can be kept secret to non-authenticated users)
  • Integrity (data that is in an unimpaired state to when it was originally created)
  • Availability (the timely ability to access and use the data)
  • Authenticity (confirmation that a claim to own the data is genuine)
  • Possession/control (having under one’s control access to the data)
  • Utility (the ability to purposefully use said data)


Last updated: 3 September 2017